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Get fast cash for your house and peace of mind knowing that we are a local family business that’s fully accredited with 5 star reviews! We want the contract signed, as much as you want to sell your house, and we make this happen by always giving fair, honest, win-win offers that you are happy with!
– Joshua Syna

That Small House in Cypress

“Joshua was very helpful in getting me into a facility that cared for people…he came along at the right time because my father passed away. He was very helpful in the transition process, very helpful with the title work, and just all about kindness on his part. I didn’t have a place to go for about a week after the house was sold, and he was kind enough to work that out for me so I could live in the house after closing until I got into the facility that I am in now. He is a great human being, and very helpful in the process.”
“Joshua had knowledge and experience on buying my house and it was a fast closed and easy to work with.”
– Gerard Dorsey
Houston, Tx

The Old House In The Heights

“Josh did a great job, he was very patient and compassionate and worked with my family. When it came time to sign the papers, we were missing one family signature, and Josh was able to get in contact with them and between talking with them and working the title company Josh was able to get them to sign off! I appreciate all the work Josh did. Most realtors would have said this is too much work, its not worth it, but Josh stuck with us and was patient and kind in working with both families. He made it possible for everything to go through. If it wasn’t for Josh we would probably still be trying to sell our house! So thank you Josh for all your work!”

– Marianna O [Houston, Tx]

Josh and Jennifer were a pleasure to work with. They were very responsive, stayed on top of communication, and were up-front about the entire process, costs, cash offer, etc. Everything moved along quickly, which was a great relief, especially in this time of uncertainty and upheaval. They reached out after the sale to ensure finding was complete, and helped expedite it. Nice work!”
-Julia Lyons
[Tomball, Tx]

Bayou Vista On The Water

“Joshua could not have done anything better with my mom’s home! He was a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much Joshua”

– Sheila Lyrock [Bayou Vista, Tx]

“Joshua made the process of selling my house quick and easy”
– Nicole Summers
Houston, Tx

That House In Highland Village

“I wanted to sell my house as soon as I left Houston. But it was vacant for 5-6 years and I had to pay the taxes and insurance for that many years. The house had a pipe in the attic was leaking and then we thought why put the money into to fix all of that. There were a bunch of investors that called me and wrote me letters and wanted to buy it. Another investor had given me a contract which I signed and I waited, but he came back and said he couldn’t buy it after all and cancelled the contract. Even a realtor told me she had a “special deal” to sell my property but I had to wait until she got someone and that didn’t work either. So when you came you were so solid and I was very happy! Thank you for the experience with you! It was smooth and fast and I greatly appreciate you!”

– Hoa Pham [San Jose, CA]

Working with Joshua was the best decision I made. Joshua explained the whole process and answered all my questions. He promised me a fast escrow and offer me a fair price for my home. Everything worked out the way Josh told me. I would definitely recommend Joshua to anyone who wants to sell a home fast.
Adriana Hamilton
Houston, Tx

The Northshore House

“Great doing Business! Very trustworthy, follow through every step of the way.”

– Beverly Bailey [Houston, TX]

“Wonderful experience working with Joshua. He adds so much value to the experience of selling a home. Integrity, Truth, and Honesty are what he embodies truly. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in selling their home to check out his services!”
– Coby Obiesie
[Los Angeles, CA]

When We Buy Houses in Houston, We Make People Happy!

Here are some more short videos of Houston House buyers reviews!

“We helped a family in the Woodland Heights who was wanting to sell their home in Houston.  We found and communicated with out-of-state family members who needed to sign to complete the purchase.”

We Buy Houses Houston, Texas

“We helped a family going through probate in Conroe Texas. Even though the family had many things that needed to be done in order to get clear title, we got it done and paid cash for the home.”

We Buy Houses Conroe, Texas

“We helped our client who had a stroke that needed to sell his inherited house in Cypress, Texas. He had difficulty holding the video camera, but his message is important!”

We Buy Houses Cypress, Texas

“Want More Proof That We Buy Houses in Houston In Any Condition?”

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Spring Shadows
That Alief House
Grace Lane
Inside The Loop

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