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Sell My Houston House Fast! (Common Mistakes Sellers Make)

If I want to sell my house fast, the first thing I need to do is educate myself on how to be successful, which involves knowing common mistakes other sellers make!

Avoiding these mistakes will help you as well, and will ensure that you have done everything in your power to get a prompt offer on your home. The best part? You can take care of these suggestions yourself by spending little or no money! Here is our checklist on common mistakes sellers make.

1. Overlooked curb appeal!

When preparing to sell my house fast, Curb appeal is the FIRST thing I know buyers see when they view my home – the “Curb”!

If you want to sell your house fast then you need to know that the appearance of the outside matters greatly! Clear the yard of clutter, mow the gross, plant some flowers or even put potted flowers near the front door. It would be simple and cheap to make or add some of these minor upgrades to the appearance of your front yard and it will most certainly be worth it!

2. Underestimate what needs to be repaired!

Let’s be honest……after living in my home a while there are certain minor issues that I am probably blind to. However,  small issues such as a leaky faucet, a dingy bathtub, or chipped paint on a baseboard can suggest to my buyers that there are other areas of my home that are poorly maintained.

As a seller, you may not even think to consider these issues consciously, but they will leave an impression on any potential buyer whether you know it or not. It might be a good idea to have a co-worker or a friend, especially someone familiar with real estate, visit your house and make suggestions or point things out that may be of concern to them as a new home buyer.

3. Forgot to stage the house!

While addressing curb appeal is basically staging the outside of the house, you also need to stage the inside of the house. Did you know that renting furniture for an empty house might actually cost less than you think and can result in HUGE improvements in your offers? If you want to sell your house fast and get multiple offers on our home, show homebuyers how they can use all the unusual spaces and small rooms in your house. Make it look like their dream home! Remember to stick to basic colors that appeal to the majority, not just your own specific preferences. If your furniture will remain in the house during the showings, then get suggestions from outsiders on how you can improve the arrangement of your furniture and rooms. It might even give you some new ideas on how you want to set up your new living space in your next home!

4. Overestimated value of house!

When pricing your house to sell fast, view listings in your area at,, or Look for the houses that are comparable in size, age and location to yours. If those houses have hardwood floors and granite countertops and yours has carpet and formica, dated countertops, well then you’ll need to set your price lower (or make those similar updates in order to strive for a higher price). If the reverse is true, you might be able to set your price a little higher and point out to potential buyers that your house has more features than the comparable properties. Most importantly, you will need to be willing to negotiate. Remember that setting the price too high (or too low) can get you into trouble. You want to price your house close to the current market value.

5. Whoops! Forgot to spread the word!

I want to sell my house fast…but I didn’t tell anyone! How would anyone know you were selling? List it on the MLS, put up a sign and don’t forget to utilize social media, aka FREE advertising! Even if you have a real estate agent, you might have access to networks and people that would have never heard from your agent, so take charge and market your house in as many ways as you can think of.

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