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How To Choose The Right House Buyer in Houston

Let’s face it:

We Buy Houses in Houston” signs are on the streets, on telephone poles, and online, and choosing the right buyer is important!

There can often be a dilemma when you want to sell your house without a realtor. And it’s possible you could end up making some mistakes when choosing a house buyer in Houston.

Getting the right buyer can make your life a lot easier and eliminate potential problems. This will result in making the entire process smooth and easy. There are always many different house buyers in Houston that are willing to buy your house, but who should you choose?

Not sure of how to pick a buyer for your Houston house?

Well, you could check out a Houston house buyers review, but the following 5 tips should help you choose a credible and honest buyer, and narrow the playing field to make the process easier when trying to sell your house in Houston.


1.  Strategy First!


The first thing you need to do is to have a strategy in picking the right house buyer so as not to make unnecessary mistakes. For instance, if you have decided you don’t want to pay an agent a hefty commission, then you need to determine the qualities that are important to you when finding the right house buyer.

When you are doing this on your own, one such strategy you can use is to look at the buyer’s website and look at the results they have produced.  You are looking for a track record of success.

Another strategy some house sellers think of using is what is called “an auction-style.”

But be careful!

In this strategy, you tell all your prospective buyers that your house is going to the highest bidder. Most times, you will get many offers, however, all house buyers in Houston are not created equal. Many will promise you the world, and then not be able to perform and end up backing out.  This wastes your time and your money so you have got to be careful when considering buyers for your home.

One important thing in the process is to make sure your prospective buyers are well informed on the repairs needed in the property and the price point you have in your mind.   Be as transparent as possible. If you withhold information, it may result in causing delays or costing you the sale of the house.


2.  Is the highest offer always the best?


At first, many people think the deal with the most money is best but actually, there are many different factors to consider when selling your house in Houston without a realtor.

How much will you earn after deducting all the necessary fees that are included in the different deals?

Most often you will be paying prorated taxes, but when we buy houses in Houston, you have no cost of additional home improvements, agent fee, closing costs, mortgage loan interest, etc.  This can save you thousands of dollars

So even though a large, national “We Buy Houses” company may seem to offer more, once you have subtracted all these fees from the offered cash, the remainder is less and their offer is usually contingent upon inspections and approval. The deal that offers you a reasonable fair amount for your house as-is from a local house buyer in Houston usually is the deal you should consider.

Hint: Remember to compare apples to apples.

The deal with the highest offer price usually does not offer you as much because they have you paying a load of other fees. Some deals might offer you lesser money but will not include you making home improvements or paying agent fees; this deal could end up being best after subtracting all your expenses.

Again, at We Buy Houston Real Estate, we buy homes in Houston AS-IS. This means we don’t need you to make repairs or renovations or to clean out the house. So, this way you avoid these expenses.


3. You have to pay attention to the financial backing of your home buyer:


Even if the home buyer offers the most money, you need to know if they have a track record of keeping their word. They should have good Houston house buyers reviews online.  If they don’t, then it’s a red flag!

You should be sure your home buyer is legitimate.

Are they local to Houston?

Are they a member of the BBB?

How old are they?

How do you feel when you talk to them?

Do you get a sense that they really care about your situation, and are listening and showing how they can provide a solution?

These are extremely valuable qualities above and beyond the numbers.

Of course, the buyer needs to have a cash option; but this is not always the best payment option because installment payments for your house over time will always give you more income, but with the cash option, you are sure the house buyer is ready to close the deal and will be able to do so if your timetable is short.


4.  What Do You Need?


Providing what you need and what is important to you is very important before you close the deal. So knowing what you want and those things which are important to you will make your life easier so you can move on after selling your house.

So what do you mean?

We are talking about the costs the buyer agrees to cover in the deal, it could be the cleaning cost, or covering all the closing costs,s, etc.

These “concessions” although they may not make the purchase price go up, increase the net amount of cash you receive as the seller. We Buy Houston Real Estate covers the cleaning, renovations, and repairs cost, increasing the cash in your hand, and making your life easier.


5. Timing is Everything


Timing is very important. If you want to sell your house quickly, then our cash offer for your house in Houston will most likely be ideal. Even if you don’t know initially how soon you want to close then it is quite natural to avoid buyers with longer closing timelines, especially when you want speed and convenience.

Even though we buy Houston houses every week, we know that you may only do this a few times in your life. So even though picking the right buyer for your house in Houston is not an easy feat; it is also not something you should rush.

Finally, when choosing a company that says “we buy houses in Houston” we hope you will keep in mind these 5 tips to make the process quick and easy. And yes, we are a local house buyer in Houston, so if we can be of service please call 713-471-5408 “We Buy Houston Real Estate” if you have a house or any other kind of real estate you want to sell in Houston. We will provide a quick all cash, no-obligation offer for your home.


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