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Things About Your Houston House to Think About During A Divorce

One of the most difficult parts of filing for divorce in any state is the process of dividing property and assets. And among the most expensive and valuable assets is the Houston home that both parties helped to build and create equity. It is also common in most divorce cases that the decision of what

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Houston home Investor Myths and Facts

Do you believe these 5 myths about Houston home investors? Let’s set the record straight about what it means to work with an experienced investor. There is a lot of mystery and misinformation surrounding home investors, and some of it isn’t very flattering. This often makes people who should go to an investor think twice

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Why Do Real Estate Investors Make Cash Offers?

As real estate investors, we buy Houston houses for cash.  Although it is part of our business to do so, to us buying your house is more than a real estate transaction. It is an opportunity to assist you in making the best possible decision during a potentially life-changing event. Selling a house isn’t easy.

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Splitting up a Houston House in a Divorce

There are primarily three options for your Houston house. The options are: Sell a House, Split The Profit. Buy the Other Out. Hold on to the House. So, how do know which of these options is right for you? Deciding if You Should Sell Your House in a Divorce This depends entirely on those getting

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6 Tips On How to Sell An Empty House In Houston Fast!

If you own an unoccupied property in Houston, you’re probably wondering how to sell an empty house. There are many dangers that come along with owning a vacant house, but luckily for you, we have created… The Quick 6 Step Guide to make the most of your vacant house! Selling a vacant house fast is

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