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So, Who Is “We Buy Houston Real Estate”?

We are Joshua & Charlotte Syna and since the 1990’s we have been passionate about real estate.

Our combined backgrounds and experience as a licensed counselor and corporate oil company executive have enabled us to create our dream company and dynamic team doing what we love doing: buying houses in Houston, Texas.

Why Choose Us?!

Actually, Why Not is more like it! We are an experienced reputable Houston house buying company with a long track record of success and lots of happy clients! Besides that we are professional and appreciate your trust. We know we are not the only game in town, and so if your house is a fit for us, and we are a fit for you, then we work hard to provide you the best hassle free house buying experience possible.

Joshua Syna

Cash House Buyer, Real Estate Expert, and Licensed Counselor
Joshua is a licensed counselor in the state of Texas, founder of We Buy Houston Real Estate, and has 25 years of buying houses in Houston, Tx.

The We Buy Houston Real Estate team has become one of the most well respected and trusted house buyers in Houston and consistently provides the highest level of customer satisfaction in Harris county!

Talk is Cheap! We walk the walk!

In todays world you want to know the company you choose to buy your house is fair, honest, hard-working, and reliable! Go ahead, get in touch with us! Many Houston residents before you have, and all are happy they did because they got cash for their house as promised.
A set of individuals who combine their work to achieve goals and fulfill the needs of everyone involved.
- Joshua Syna

Meet The Team!

Charlotte Syna

Data scientist, Owner & CIO, COO, co-founder, Head of Operations Charlotte oversees all data and company systems and keeps everything organized and running smoothly.

Joshua Syna

Houston house buyer expert, founder, licensed counselor, Owner CEO & visionary.

Joshua is co-founder of the company and makes sure the company creates value for its customers by providing unbeatable service and no-nonsense cash offers for their houses.

Don’t Bother Cleaning!

When we say “We Buy Houses AS-IS” we mean it! AS-IS and in ANY condition! Just keep what’s important, meaningful, and valuable to you, and LEAVE THE REST! When you sell your home to “We Buy Houston Real Estate”, NO kidding, leave food in the fridge, dirt in the rooms, unwanted clothes and household items, old broken worn out items and trash,,,we don’t care how bad it is!

The We Buy Houston Real Estate Team

We are the owners of two very successful businesses in Houston, Tx, and quite honestly, its important to us that all of our clients are happy satisfied customers! We have been buying houses in Houston for over 25 years by providing an honest straight-forward approach that is both fair and reliable. Many companies that buy houses in Houston are NOT local! But not us! We have lived in the Houston area since the 1970’s and value our community and have become a resource for those who want to sell their house fast for cash that you can depend on.

Lets face it:

Actions speak louder than words!
We all know that it is critical for any service provider to show beyond a doubt, through their actions, they are honest, dependable, and they know what they are doing! At We Buy Houston Real Estate what you see is what you get! In other words, we stand behind what we say we are going to do with our actions! We decided a long time ago to live by the motto “Don’t tell me, Show Me!” By being totally transparent you feel confident that you are dealing with someone you can trust to make the process of buying your house smooth and easy! We do what we say we are going to do, and WHEN we say we are going to do it!

Our Pledge to You

We promise to never take advantage of a person’s current situation, and always provide a fair, win-win transaction to our clients.
We firmly believe our house buying company serves people by providing speed and convenience to people and families that need help with their real estate situations. We know you want honesty, not someone that will take advantage of the situation. For over 25 years Houston has counted on us, and you can too! We want you to know that we will be always honest and put our best forward to genuinely be the solution to your real estate problems. Try us out and you will see!

“We’re just like you: people that want to be treated with dignity, honesty and understanding, and this is the way you will be treated as well.”

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